The best tips to lose weight on a budget

Top 10 tips to know to lose weight economically

A number of friends ask me “How is it possible to live healthy on a really tight budget?” Well, let me tell you first of all that it is very possible and I am just like most of you, I am living on a budget myself. You might need to do a little bit more planning, a little bit more research. By all these works put into it, you will be able to live healthy and also to your goal. I am going to share with you my top 10 tips on how to eat healthy on a tight budget.

The best tips to lose weight on a budget


The first tip is to forget about Brands. Buy generic brands or store brands. Raw food like rice, pasta, and frozen vegetables taste the same. What you are saving is a lot of money because you are saving on the nice fancy packaging from the brands that you get. A market man told me supermarket places profitable products within your eye level, so if products are targeted at you, it is around the mid-shelves. If it is targeted to the kids, it is at the lowest shelves. Value products with less fancy packaging are always placed right at the bottom of the shelves. So when you are in the supermarket, look right down. You still find what you want, equally good quality but it costs less with less fancy packaging.


The second tip is to buy reduced items or items which are on sales. So if you are really on a tight budget, most supermarket will reduce items which are also most expiring, something event up to 90%. So go to the supermarket later at night, you will find lots of reduced items and also items on sale. Another example is that I got this organic can of tomato for 15% discount. Usually it costs a lot more because this item is currently on sale. I would buy them and stock them up. So be wise, be smart, do some research, do your shopping and see what items are on sales which are healthy and you can have them as parts of your daily meals.


My third tip is to buy in bulks. So if you know there are products that you like and it is on sales. Why not buy them in bulks and store them up because you know that you will eat them. So I bought these tomatoes which are 15%, I got 2 jars of raspberries jam which was buy one, free one. And also buy in large quantity because they always cost less. Something it is really cheap and we eat them a lot. So buy them in large quantity, it will last you for long time and it will save you lots of money as well.


The forth tip is something I apply a lot which is to buy frozen vegetables. If you are in the Western countries, buy frozen vegetables because they are so much cheaper and they last you for month. If I buy fresh vegetables, the trouble is that I will not finish it on time and it will go off and dry away. That is why I prefer frozen vegetables. It is much cheaper and lasts you a long time and you are still getting the entire nutrients in it, it is not losing any nutrients. The vegetables are picked and then frozen at peak ripeness. Thus, frozen vegetables contain most nutritionally dense. And you will see that I always use frozen vegetables in my recipes.


The fifth tip is to back on vegetables. In comparison to meat, vegetables are so much cheaper and they are large in quantity. So why not pack your meal with lots of vegetables. First thing they will save you money. Second thing I will trim down your waist line and that is what we want. So treat your meal with lots of vegetables because they keep you satisfied and help you to lose weight at the same time.


The next tip is to buy cheap protein. Of course, we need protein. Buy it is always expensive protein. It is not in my case because my favorite protein are egg which are absolutely cheap. Chicken fillets must cheaper compare to red meat that is what in order to lose weight, eat healthy. Another source of protein is fish. I know these are salmon. They are more expensive. But they don’t have to buy salmon, buy any other fish. It costs less in your country. They are always protein that costs less. So buy cheap protein, pack your meal with this protein is really good for body, occasionally red meat or protein that cost more money.


Tip #7 is important tip to help you lose weight which is to buy whole food and not processed junks. Think about it most time, processed foods are not cheap. Whole food are always much cheaper. For example the chicken breast would cost me 4 pounds in comparison if I buy, I would get very little quantity, fewer source of ingredients and they will cost me 2-2.5pounds. That even not satisfies me. To treat you by whole food, you will control the ingredients. Processed foods are not cheap and they are not good for your health. Why waste your money with processed food, even know you can get cheaper and better quality food when you buy whole food.


The next tip that lots of people don’t agree with me but when you are living on a budget is forgetting about organic, just go basic. Of course, it would be great if we eat organic food because they taste much better, much healthier for you. But when you are living on a budget, you got to go basic. For instance, frozen are basic. What I got here is a bag of frozen and basic berries mix, it makes me great smoothie, it is much cheaper organic berries. And I am still getting the nutrients and the health benefits from it. So really go basic. These tomatoes are basic, they are not organic. So what you have to make sure is that salt them for at least 30 minutes before eating them. And I buy case egg because case egg costs so much less. My focus is to get protein from it. So fortunately, when you are on a budget, just buy basic food. What do you want is protein out of it, the vegetable consumption that what you need. Eventually if you can afford it, you can go for organic. But for now, keep it to basic.


The next tip is one I practice a lot which is to buy seasonal fruits and vegetables. When you go to supermarket, go in open mind what you want. You need vegetable fruits, but you need specific vegetables and fruits. The answer is no. Go to the vegetable and food session, see what is in season and buy the cheapest vegetables and fruits you can get. And change your meal plan; change your food intake according what is in season and what costs less.


Last but not least, tip #10 is shopping on local market. Sometime, supermarkets are not always cheaper, so go to a local market and look at vegetables and fruits. They will be cheaper and fresher in comparison to your big supermarket. And something we have reduced items in bunch for example bananas. I love bananas and whenever they are reduced, I will buy them in bunch. What I do is slide them off and freeze them up and use them later on. That is another way to shop smart and cheap as well.


These are my personal tips to eat healthy and to live on a budget. I am just like you, I am on a budget myself. Therefore, you will notice that in my meal plan, I don’t usually use organic food at all. By applying these tips, plan a little bit ahead, you can get the healthy food you need and match that with your budget, you will be able to live healthy, eat healthy, lose weight, look good and feel good.


How to Get a Fabulous Mountain Bike on a Tight Budget?

How to Get a Fabulous Mountain Bike on a Tight Budget?

As a student, I am always very excited about mountain biking, but this is also the time of a tight budget. While we economy on everything, it is tough to spend a good amount of money on an expensive mountain bike. As a passionate mountain biker, I didn’t give up on my desire to own a fabulous one. My research yielded some good results which I am sharing over here and I hope will help you in making a good choice.


1. Price Range $300-$500


Mountain bikes are usually considered very expensive, but you can find a good one at a low price as of $350. Giant Revel 3 is not only cost effective but also a good bike.  Apart from that you may also consider Motobecane consisting hydraulic breaks and costs as low as $400. There are many choices for above $400- to $500, such as Hardrock Disc SE 26, Giant ATX 27.5 2, Trek Marlin.


2. Price Range $500-$800


While Trek Marlin is a good choice for a mediocre price range, because there are many versions of Trek Marlin coming in $500 to $700 price range.  Airborne Gaurdiane hardtail 29er is a bike with many features including hydroformed 6061 aluminum frame with RockShox XC28 fork, Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes, all for $600. Rockhopper 29er is another bike in this range costing only $700 but coming with many features.


3. Price Range $800-$1000


In case you have a bigger budget than mine, you may like to buy Specialized Rockhopper which comes for varied price range. Rockhopper Sports and Rockhopper Comp are definitely the bikes to be considered if you are looking something stylish, strong and sporty.


4. Above $1000


Well, if you can spend more than $1000, then obviously you should go for Trance X 29er.


Choosing a bike is not an easy decision. But while you consider different options, provide a special care to its wheels, breaks, frame and geometry, and other key safety features.


Health Benefits of Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage

Pains and tension are main reasons causing to stress and the less efficiency at work. Several parts of our body are easily suffered from tons of deadlines and job tasks include back, neck and shoulders. Carrying heavy bags or regularly sitting on the computer may affect our tensions. The massage therapy works based on the great combination between natural oils and effective techniques to relieve pains and pressure. The benefit of massage is that you could do it right at home and it is extremely simple to follow.


Health Benefits of Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage

Massage has been known to be a safe way in relieving pains and pressure. Its benefits vary greatly into different aspects, including both physical and mental health. Check out all gorgeous advantages that massage contributes to our healthier lifestyle.


Make you feel relax by impressive relaxation on back, neck and shoulders. Efficient massaging techniques help relive tensions on different muscles of your body, including back, neck and shoulders. Regularly apply these techniques is a good method to make you feel younger by enhancing skin elasticity and smooth blood circulation. Though the abundant supplication of oxygen and nutrition to your brains and nerves, it not only promotes blood flow, but also removes all toxin out of your body. As a result, stronger health is the vital element in protect yourself against common diseases such as flus, headaches, migraines, etc…This method has high suitability with patients at all ages. For seniors, massage before going to bed brings deeper sleep quality. It also makes them feel happy and confident to communicate with other partners. About the function of keeping beauty, massage therapy limits the development of deep scar tissues for a perfect skin.


How Does Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage Work?

If you are suffered from chronic pains or soreness in back, neck and shoulders, massage is the great option to loose tight muscles in these areas. It totally puts impact on all muscles from neck, shoulders to back.


The first important requirement is selecting a stable position to relax. In case you don’t have massage table, lying on the usual couch to enjoy all great moments of massage therapy. Great environment for massage is another necessary concern. It is defined as a fresh and quiet space without the interruption from children or pets. Make your lights dim and you can add some natural oils or candles to boost the romantic atmosphere. You could use gentle or deep kneading for the realistic sensation of relaxing. Use each technique separately or combine all of them together to enhance the best massage result. Massage brings an immediate effectiveness in recovering aches. Thanks to the remarkable comfort from massage oils and techniques, it puts positive impact on all pressure points needing to be treated. Don’t worry if your back, neck and shoulders get hurt. These parts are designed to combine well with different techniques to create the maximum level of relaxation. Remember to remove all clothes during the massage session for the complete efficiency.



Is Obesity more Dangerous than Smoking?

As most people are already aware, smoking is one the most addictive and deadly activities out there and due to strong advertising campaigns and educational programs, the number of people picking up the habit has gone down dramatically and going out for a puff has become almost socially unacceptable. 

The dangers of smoking are well-known


Studies have proven that the toxins from tobacco are detrimental to a person’s health.  The negative health effects of smoking are so well-documented and well-known that smokers need to pay much higher health insurance premiums.  Lung cancer, heart disease and other fatal illnesses are the direct consequences of the cigarette habit.  However, what is particularly worrisome is that while the smoking epidemic seems to be abating due to good public education and aggressive government policies, obesity, which is known to have just as many or even more ill effects on health than smoking, is on the rise.

Obesity is not “just an appearance issue” – it is deadly


Obesity, in the opinion of many, is a natural consequence of aging, and although it may make a person look unattractive, it isn’t thought to be a serious as other medical conditions.  However, nothing could be further from the truth; in fact, in Canada, obesity causes more visits to the doctor than smoking.  It is not just an issue about physical beauty; frighteningly, obesity

  • Increases the risk of coronary heart disease
  • Increases the risk of stroke
  • Increases the risk of hypertension
  • Increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes
  • Increases the risk of certain types of cancer
  • Increases the risk of premature death.

The medical costs of obesity are skyrocketing


If that isn’t enough to make a person’s blood run cold, there are even more statistics that show how obesity can be even more dangerous than smoking.  Along with a greatly reduced quality of life, discrimination and social stigma, obesity causes:

  • A 27% increase in US medical costs for treating obesity-related illnesses
  • Medical costs of over $147 billion per year in the US alone
  • $1,500 more in medical bills per year per person than normal weight people.

A change in lifestyle, eating habits and attitude is necessary


Efforts to prevent obesity in the past decade have largely failed; in many parts of Canada and the US over 30% of the population is now obese, and the trend shows no sign of abating.  Researchers in both countries point out that a sedentary lifestyle coupled with an over-reliance on heavily processed, carbohydrate-rich, nutrient-poor food are the main culprits along with the idea that obesity is a cosmetic problem rather than a serious health threat.


The situation is dire, and for the first time in several generations, the national life expectancy has decreased due to the lack of awareness of the dangers of obesity.  Smoking is dangerous and deadly, yet thanks to several years of aggressive publicity and policy from health, government and educational groups, the number of people picking up the habit has decreased dramatically.  If the deadly dangers of obesity are made as public as those of smoking, in a few short years’ time people might be more likely to give up the bad lifestyle habits and switch to a healthier, happier way of living. 


An ABC Nightline report on the obesity epidemic:


An HBO documentary on the dangers of obesity:


Smoking and obesity dangers: